1. Very practical insight into life and its mechanics (sorry, I am an engineer). I agree with the content of the article. This blog could be broken into several parts. I seek your permission to publish parts of this blog (without making any changes and with proper credits ) in the January issue of TheThinkClub. Kind regards!

    Anil Shrivastava
    Partner and Managing Editor
    TheThinkClub Quarterly

    November 28, 2012
    • rekha said:

      Thanks for your feedback.Feel free to share it with your Thinkclub readers.

      November 28, 2012
      • Positive outlook, action oriented to broader goodness, non-expectation of appreciation or reward, negation of self centeredness, and most importantly, strong and continuous self belief, helps overcome inner conflicts / confusions.
        We fully agree with your thoughtful observations / article, which is timely too.
        Accept our congrats.
        Arun / Rashmi

        November 29, 2012

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