1. rani said:

    Very informative. I really enjoyed reading it.

    July 17, 2012
  2. rekha said:

    Thanks, Rani for your feedback. I appreciate it.

    July 20, 2012
  3. Ciaran Anthony said:

    Thank you for the information, I have been suffering constant severe anxiety for nearly two months, I am exhausted. I have been trying to reprogram my sub conscious over the last few days, I know it is my sub conscious that is the root problem…I just havent found a way to switch off the fear cycle.

    August 18, 2013
  4. Mr. Now positive said:

    This article really helped me out to get out of the negative patterns.
    I could always sense negativity looking for me to tense up and build anxiety.
    Now I analysed it as a part of myself and studied my behaviors.

    This is how it went for me and I really do hope it helps some of you:
    I rationalised happiness and peace as something…. that i have to repay sooner or later.
    Not with gratitude but with my own pain of going back to what I called normality;
    Anxiety, fear, tension was how I normally felt.
    Feeling blissful and awesome was not a normality for me, I felt… quite uncomfortable that it won’t last and as Tony Robbins mentioned… People give up WANTS for NEEDS;
    Certainty of going back to that state and being what I call normal was a NEED
    Happiness, bliss, awesomeness and peace in the other hand was just a WANT; a luxury for me.

    It stroke to me, I was on my way back home from a rather good day,
    And I start to sense Mr. Negative crawling up,
    The first thing I felt was not exactly in words but rather a commandment, a definitive that;
    Since this I failed so many times at being happy, and that happiness now means grief later.
    I fall in to the abyss of negativity further strengthening the belief “I REALLY CANT BE HAPPY”

    I changed one thing and one thing only.
    Like the golden rule of habits (by Charles Duhigg) Don’t change the reward or the trigger, but change the action to attain the reward.

    In the past my trigger was the emerging of Mr. Negative, Action was to fall into the negativity and Reward was… to go back to the normality, getting rid of the uncomfort and being in my somewhat comfort zone because it was my normal state of mind.

    I changed the action from falling into the trap, to saying no to Mr. Negative and thanking everyone, everything and god for giving me such a nice day and wish for more goodness.

    Since then… Well its just one of those stories where I rarely anger, get sick,
    And with the affirmation and up-mood I keep I feel luckier and I could say I did get luckier because everything somehow worked out quite smoothly.
    This was a great progress for spiritual growth is about progress not perfection I never expect any real secret or answers but just become wiser everyday in a faster rate ever-since.

    I’ve been on the journey for spiritual growth for a long time now,
    and this was a recent epiphany for me.
    It might be just that next page of the book you read, or the thread of the forum you follow or the comments on a spiritual article, that leads to your growth, then a epiphany.

    I do apologize for my poor english writing skills or the informality of this comment,
    for english is not my first language.

    If you didn’t get what you were looking for in my short anecdote.
    I really do hope you will find it soon.
    And to those that did find some help, It is my pleasure.

    Thank you so much Rekha for this article it was a great key to opening the door.

    Thank you for reading my story :)

    Will Power

    September 12, 2013
  5. Sharon Gozzo said:

    Dear Rekha – I’m in my third week off antidepressants after weaning off them since May. I had a meltdown a few days ago and really hurt some friends with my angry outburst. This article was so helpful in explaining to me what had happened and why I lost my cool so badly. Where can I learn more about the 15 cognitive distortions you list in your article, so that I have a full understanding of what they are and how to avoid them. Many, many thanks for a greatly helpful article. Sharon

    July 23, 2015
    • Rekha said:

      Hi Sharon,
      Thanks for your comment. I am glad that my article helped you. Please read my blog post on Self talk and you will learn about the cognitive distortions. Anger management blog posts will also help you. Thanks,Rekha

      July 23, 2015

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