6 Hypnosis Tips to Calm down Your Interview Anxiety

For most people, interviews are anxiety-provoking. Not only does it put you in the spotlight, you also have to sell yourself. According to a research by Harris Interactive and Everest College, 92% of adults in the United States have interview-related anxiety.

People who can control their nerves better have a greater chance of getting the job. This is where hypnosis can come in really handy. The effective, science-backed technique offers ways to tame the subconscious mind and achieve success. From athletes to motivational speakers, it has helped professionals from many fields.

Here are 6 hypnosis-related tips to get you relaxed in the interview:

Rehearse Mentally

The anxiety is all in the mind. If you can ace it in the mind, you can ace it in real!

Mentally rehearsing involves imagining yourself answering all the interviewer’s questions in a confident manner. This imagination allows you to prepare better for the big day.

Learn Breathing Exercise

When you are anxious, your breathing is stiff. Learning breathing exercises can help ease off the nerves.

Just before the interview begins, take a few moments and engage in deep breathing.

Assume the ‘Power Pose’

Your body language affects your mood in profound ways. Assuming a power pose – standing tall with hands on the hips – for just two minutes can increase your confidence.

This ‘being in charge’ pose will help translate the same feeling at the time of the interview.

Write about how You Feel

Writing can have incredible therapeutic effects. Getting your thoughts and feelings out on the paper helps you understand them better and gives you perspective.

The benefits of writing transcend beyond interviews.

Think About Fears in Exaggerated Proportions

This might sound the opposite of calming down, but it’s not. When feeling anxious, you should ask yourself: What’s the worst that can happen? From spilling your coffee to giving blank expression to the interviewer, there will be many things you will be imagining.

Once you have figured that out, exaggerate that feared thing out of proportion. This will allow you to see how irrational you are being and will put things in perspective.

Do Not Be Self-Focused

When you are anxious, you tend to focus inward. For instance, you will be more concerned about how you look or that people are judging you.

A good approach would be to start paying attention to others. Engage in small talk with people in the waiting area and keep smiling.

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