Here Are 6 Signs Your Relationship Is Heading In the Right Direction

The first few years of a relationship are simply amazing – The way she smiles at you sends jitters down your spine; the way he smells reminds you of all things good in life.

However just like many things, time, again, is the true test of your relationship. As your relationship progresses, it may face certain hurdles. How both partners deal with these difficulties will define whether the relationship will become a timeless union of two souls.

If you are wondering if your relationship is headed in the right direction, here are 6 signs to help:

Both of You Have Retained Your Individual Identity

Many times in a relationship, one partner has this overpowering effect on the other. This leads to one partner being defined by the other.

In a healthy relationship, both partners have their likes and dislikes. While they may not synchronize all the time, each of the partners holds true to himself/herself.

You Are Comfortable Talking About Everything

From some of your embarrassing childhood habits to the people you are secretly attracted to, a couple should be able to talk about any and everything without the fear of being judged. This true openness and an understanding of the other person’s humanness is the hallmark of a perfectly fine relationship.

You Do Not Desire to be with Each Other All the Time

Sometimes, partners expect too much from the other person. Good couples give each other their personal spaces and are perfectly fine with their partner wanting to do something else in their presence.

You Do Not Hinder Each Other’s Personal Growth

In healthy relationships, partners work for each other’s personal development. From encouraging your partner to take bold career decisions to helping them achieve their life-long dreams, good partners do not get insecure by the prospects of their significant others.

You Move On After Fights

Every relationship has some good days and some bad days. From shouting to crying, fights between couples can get real intense. However, in a healthy relationship, couples do not keep grudges against each other and bury the hatchet after a while.

You Are Genuinely Good Friends

Finally, your relationship should be more than just carnal desires. Couples in a healthy relationship are also good friends.

If you genuinely like to hang out with each other and talk about all kinds of stuff, your relationship is going the right way.

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