Suffering From Anxiety and Stress? Let Self Hypnosis Be Your Salvation

Take a look at these facts about stress:1

  • About 70-90% of all clinic visits are due to stress related issues.
  • Chronic, untreated stress often leads to severe emotional disorder.
  • Stress leads to health conditions like migraines, depression, anxiety, heart problems, high blood pressure, etc.
  • 43% of all adults suffer from stress and its hostile effects.

Stress Is a Grave Matter and Should Be Treated As Such

Many people don’t realize how bad chronic stress is to the human body, both mentally and physically. Stress can be effectively treated by visiting the doctor who’ll perhaps prescribe medication or counseling depending on the severity of symptoms you are experiencing.

People can also join support groups where symptoms of stress can be somewhat relieved after talking with others that suffer from the same problem.

You can also take an alternative approach and reduce stress from your life, once and for all, with self- hypnosis.

How Can Self Hypnosis Help You Deal With Stress?

You’ll simply learn to relax with self-hypnosis. Since relaxation is essential for a disturbed state of mind, self-hypnosis can offer incredible results when it comes to reducing stress, tension and anxiety from your mind.

Understand that the reason you’re experiencing stress and anxiety is much deeper. Self-hypnosis can help uncover the root causes and help eliminate the problem completely.

Self-Hypnosis Teaches Us How to Interpret Situations

This is really helpful, particularly for people who face stressful situations on a daily basis. Your mounting stress levels can prevent you from performing your best in a demanding job or new relationship. Self-hypnosis will not only help in treating and eradicating the core reasons of stress and anxiety, but also helps people interpret and navigate through stressful situations in a positive manner.

How to Use Self Hypnosis?

Since hypnosis is all about planting positive suggestions and messages into the mind, you need to determine the positive reinforcement. Make sure the messages chosen are positive and realistic as they will be planted in your subconscious and probably stay there until removed by a certified hypnotist.

Rekha Shrivastava suggests messages should be:2

Honest and Genuine: Ideas and suggestions that you don’t intend to follow through will not be planted successfully.

Positive: Statements of a positive nature tend to stick to our subconscious much easier. Plus, the whole point of this exercise is adding positivity to your life.

Simple: Any message or statement chosen should be straightforward and no more than a few words long. Long statements tend to get confusing which will negate the entire point of this exercise.

Stress and anxiety is a part of life. We can either learn to live with it or we can deal with stress in a positive manner. Learn the basics of self-hypnosis with Rekha Shrivastava and go on your way to a positive, stress-free life.

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