Here are 5 Healthy Boundaries You need to set when in a Relationship

From effective communication to positive attitude, healthy relationships require a lot of efforts and hard work from both partners.

In the beginning, you might think that you will accept the other person no matter what, but things change as time progresses. When it comes to long-lasting relationships, it is best practice to set boundaries. Here are 5 healthy ways to do that:

Discuss what is revealed to Friends

From intimate details to your aversion towards your partner’s family, there’s a lot of stuff about a relationship that’s shared with friends.

However, it is very important you discuss with your partner with what they are comfortable sharing.

One of you might not like bringing their weird routines or family issues in front of friends. Discuss these details to keep the ship sailing smoothly.

Discuss Communication

Some people like to keep in touch through text with their partners; others are not comfortable with texts and prefer face-to-face interactions.

Discussing communication details will take the guessing game out of the equation. With communication preferences on the table, both you and your partner will know exactly what to expect and never feel ignored.

Discuss ‘Alone Time’

Even though you are in a close relationship, it is very important that each of you have some space for yourself. Discuss your needs for having alone time, so that you can regroup your energies and stay afresh.

What’s more, you should also understand that all of the fun things can’t happen together. Each of you might have a friends’ group outside of the relationship. Go out with them without your partner.

Determine how Fights will be Managed

Fights are inevitable in any relationship. However, the key to a successful relationship is how these fights are managed.

One of you might like to get alone when upset. The other might need an outlet for handling anger. Make sure each of you understand this about your partner and establish rules for settling disagreements.

Set Ground Rules for the Bedroom

Although things are going great in the bedroom, there might be still some stuff that you or your partner might not be comfortable with when it comes to sex.

Addressing these concerns will not make you a bad partner. Honest communication is the key, so do not hesitate to express if there’s anything you do not like.

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