Building Self-Confidence through Power Posing

Have you ever wondered why the posture of successful leaders is different from ordinary people? Did their position teach them to have an ‘in charge’ posture or it was their self-confident posture that made them successful?

Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy wanted to understand the power of body language. She wanted to see if mimicking the body language of successful people could benefit other people.

A Bit about Power Posing

According to Amy, power posing is an open and expansive posture. When you assume one, you are holding up more space than usual.

One example of a power pose could be the ‘Wonder Woman’ pose. The feet stay apart. The chin is pointed upwards and the hands are on the hips.

Doing just two minutes of this exercise has proven to have incredible benefits. It was found that people who assume power pose can have higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of cortisol – both signs of higher self-confidence.

When to Try Power Posing

Taking control of your body language can be linked to success. It shows that you are in charge and are ready to take on the challenge. Whether you are going through a rough patch in life or are preparing for an interview, power posing can help.

Here are some ways you can employ power pose for better results:

Practice it Every Morning

Many people sleep in a fetal position. If you are one of them, power posing is all the more important for you.

You can try it as soon as you wake up. Open your arms and legs in a wide posture and keep your head up high. Two minutes of this exercise everyday would do a world of good for your self-confidence.

Do It before a Stressful Situation

Whether it is your first date or your first day at the job, assuming the power pose just before the event can help great deal.

Find a private spot and give it just two minutes before any stressful situation. It will surely enhance performance.

Assume the Pose while Presenting

There is no fixed role or method to assume a power pose. There are other body language cues that will count as power posing. For instance while presenting, you might want to stand up.

Also, your hands should be in front of your face and your shoulders should be wide and open.

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