Discussing Meditation and Hypnosis

No matter how advanced we humans become, the collective wisdom of our ancient ancestors has always helped us improve our life’s quality. Meditation and hypnosis have been used for centuries and have now found their way into mainstream circles. More and more people are beginning to realize the value of these gems of ancient wisdom.

Although the two methodologies have significant differences, there are some parallels. Let’s have a look:

Deep State of Relaxation

For both meditation and hypnosis to work, a deep state of relaxation must be achieved. It is only when a person is calm that any access to the subconscious mind can be achieved. Deep breathing is one technique that is common in both methodologies.

Focused Concentration

The purpose of both procedures is to increase focus on one area or aspect. To achieve success in both meditation and hypnosis, you will have to get rid of wandering thoughts. Focused concentration takes time and practice. However, once achieved, the benefits can be amazing.

Communication with the Subconscious Mind

1The assumption behind both methodologies is that the real power resides with the subconscious mind and that conscious awareness is just the tip of the iceberg. Communicating with this all-important part of the mind, they aim to help people conquer it to bring about unimaginable changes.

Scientifically Proven

While cynics and naysayers may downgrade the positive effects meditation and hypnosis have, these techniques have got the backing of rigorous science. From Penn State psychology professor William Ray’s research on hypnosis and its favorable impact on brain circuitry to the US Department of Health and Human Services’ endorsement of meditation, there are numerous findings that support both meditation and hypnosis.

Use of Visualization

Both techniques require you to visualize. Whether it is tackling your fear of public speaking or fighting off your physical pain, mediation and hypnosis involve imagining a desired emotional state. Once your mind is trained, you will become better-equipped to deal with the situation. From famous athletes to movie stars, visual imagery has been a recipe for success for many.

Improved Well being

2Hypnosis and meditation are not just used for calming the mind. They change people’s thought patterns and bring them out of the emotional turmoil. From hypnosis’s effectiveness in smoking cessation to meditation’s physical health benefits, they have been found to have incredible practical applications.

Rekha Shrivastava, at Blossom Hypnotherapy, is a certified hypnotist and rehabilitation counselor. Employing the incredible hypnosis techniques, she has helped many of her clients in Rochester with pain management, weight loss, and smoking cessation among others.

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