Here are Some Stress Management Tips

From unpaid bills to family responsibilities, we all face a number of stressors in our lives. It is only when managing these stressors becomes too demanding that problems begin to arise.

Excessive amounts of stress can lead to a variety of harmful health consequences, such as depression, heart diseases, obesity, etc. Some of the negative effects include insomnia, high blood pressure, and weakening of immune system. Although we won’t be able to control stress, we can surely take steps to manage it better.

We at Blossom Hypnosis provide you some incredible tips for better stress management:

Take Time Out for Fun Activities

Each and every one of us has some interests and hobbies. While in this stressful situation, you might not be thinking about them, it would actually be a good idea to have some ‘me-time’. Whether you would like to read a funny book or just go out and ride your bike, make sure you take time out and do it.


The Buddhists have quite a lot to teach us about stress management.

Their ancient practice of meditation has been widely adopted in the West and has proved to be very effective.

From relieving you of your stress to helping you develop a sense of self-compassion, mindful meditation will have immediate benefits.

Keep a Stress Journal

Writing about your stressor will give you great insights into dealing with it. Keep a daily log of what you have been experiencing. After some time, some patterns will begin to emerge. This is not to say that you will find the solution to your problem through writing. What it implies is that writing will give you a better holding on the situation.


Exercising not only freshens your body, it also has positive effects on the mind. Engaging in any sort of hard physical activity will keep your mind away from the stressor. You can join a gym for routine exercising or can go for a walk. Moreover, you can also take dancing or swimming lessons.

Smile and Laugh

Smiling and laughing have proven to be quite effective in enhancing a person’s mood. Since our brains respond to the facial expressions and emotions we feel, smiling and laughing can send positive signals and relieve stress.

Talk to a Friend or a Family Member

At this difficult time of your life, you might want to talk to a trusted friend or a family member. Call them up or meet in person and discuss with them the issues that you have been facing. Although they might not provide you with a solution, talking about it will surely help you.

Rekha Shrivastava, a certified hypnotist and rehabilitation counselor, offers stress management to her clients in Rochester through her effective hypnosis techniques. Her services also include pain management, anxiety relief and weight loss.


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