Some Disastrous Physical Effects of Smoking

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States with more than 480,000 deaths every year.

It not only negatively affects each and every organ of the body, but can also lead to severe diseases.

We at Blossom Hypnotherapy have outlined various physical dangers of smoking. Let’s have a look at them:

The Brain

It is a well-established fact that smoking makes you more likely to suffer from a stroke. According to the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom, smoking increases the risk of stroke by 50%. The stroke can lead to brain abnormalities, and eventually death. Having said that, quitting smoking for two years can reduce the risk of stroke to half.

Smoking can also lead to brain aneurysm, a condition that can cause subarachnoid hemorrhage.


Some of the heart diseases that smoking can cause include coronary heart disease, heart attack, and peripheral vascular disease, to name a few.

The reason is that the carbon monoxide and nicotine in the cigarette prompt the heart to operate at faster rate than normal.


From coughs and colds to asthma, smoking can prove to be very dangerous for the health of your lungs. The fatal diseases include pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer. Problems in lungs can also lead to breathing issues and chest infections.


Smoking increases chances of a person having stomach cancer and ulcers. It can debilitate the muscles in the stomach and have your stomach’s acid flow in the wrong direction, causing many complications.

Smoking also elevates chances of developing kidney cancer.


When you smoke, the oxygen supply that your skin needs is hampered. This causes your skin to lose its vigor and age more quickly. Other skin problems caused by smoking include hollow cheeks, grey complexion, facial wrinkles, etc.

Mouth and Throat

The common mouth problems that smoking causes include bad breath, yellowed teeth and gum damage. It also disrupts your taste buds negatively, affecting your sense of taste.

As far as the throat is concerned, smoking can affect the voice box and esophagus and lead to throat cancer. In fact, most throat cancers are results of excessive smoking.

Quitting smoking can surely add valuable years to your life. Rekha Shrivastava at Blossom Hypnotherapy is committed to doing just that. With her effective hypnosis procedures, she has helped many clients with smoking cessation in Rochester. Some of her other services also include weight loss management, pain management and anxiety treatment among others.


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