Why choose Blossom Hypnosis for Hypnotherapy?

Bad customer service is a turn off, which is why, at Blossom Hypnosis; we make sure that your experience is a comprehensive mix of wide ranging treatment options and a diligent customer service. In addition to the availability of a trained and experienced hypnotherapist, Blossom Hypnosis is home to state of the art services provided to their clients.

If you have chosen hypnosis as your treatment option, then rest assured that you will see positive changes in your personality and overall health in due time. There are many hypnosis centers out there, but not all of them are created equally. Let us see why Blossom Hypnosis is the first choice for people looking for alternative treatments to their conditions.

Meet the Founder

With twenty plus years of experience in the field of mental health, the founder Rekha, has made use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat various mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. She is now a trained hypnotist, and as a mental health care giver, she believes that the subconscious mind is highly receptive and open to treatments during a hypnotic trance.

Rekha is devoted to helping others by using her set of expertise. She is passionate about serving others so that they are able to reach their goals. At Blossom Hypnosis, Rekha strives to facilitate the patients’ growth and confidence, and helps them regain balance in their lives.

As Rekha is a bilingual hypnotist, she can serve both Hindi and English speaking individuals and look for solutions to their problems through Hypnosiis

Why Choose Blossom Hypnosis?

Blossom Hypnosis is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, and holds a certificate in counseling of alcohol and substance abuse. It is also a certified rehabilitation counselor unit, with trustworthy and confidential services being provided to all the clients. Our hypnosis center also offers customized weight loss programs through hypnosis, which means that each client receives individual care, and the treatment program is tailored according to individual needs.

Special Offers

We offer a free consultation for all our clients. Also, we have the facility of Skyping and FaceTiming for our clients who do not reside in Rochester, New York.

Blossom Hypnosis is located at 20 Office Parkway, Suite 201, Pittsford, NY 14534. For more information, please contact Blossom Hypnosis or call us at 585-281-2988.

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