Here Are Some Ways to Deal with Jealousy in Relationships

According to Psychology Today, ‘Jealousy is a reaction to a perceived threat – real or imagined – to a valued relationship or its quality’.

When it comes to romantic relationships, jealousy is quite common. According to the same source, jealousy is an issue with around one-third of all couples.

Although a bit of jealousy between partners is normal, it makes you value each other more and does not allow you to take the other partner for granted. It is when this jealousy interferes with the daily functioning that it becomes a problem.

Here are some ways you can deal with jealousy in healthy ways:

Talk to Your Partner

Whether it is your partner’s friends of the opposite gender or it is their lack of attention towards you, there can be many behaviors of your partner that might make you jealous.

Getting your feelings out in the open is difficult. You have to communicate in a non-confronting, non-threatening way. This will ensure that your partner knows how you feel and will put you two on the same page.

Stop Playing Games

When jealous, your negative thoughts and feelings control you, instead of the other way around.

To get back your partner’s attention, you might act in strange ways, such as complimenting your partner’s friend in front of them or talking to them excessively about a new co-worker.

Playing games is unhealthy. It will not be good for your relationship in the long-run.

View the Situation Objectively

When it comes to romantic relationships, being objective can be quite difficult. It is quite possible that you are being overly possessive of your partner.

This is the reason you should view the situation from a distant, objective perspective. You might get help from sincere friends or even a counselor.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

You have to remember one thing: There will always be someone who is better looking, smarter, younger, or more beautiful than you.

This statement holds true for most people on Earth.

However, your partner loves you for who you are – the sum of your characteristics that make you a unique person. Comparing yourself with others will get you nowhere.

Do Not Try to Control Your Partner’s Behavior

Under the clout of jealousy, you might try to control your partner’s behavior, such as stopping them from going out on the weekend or demanding more of their time. This can prove to be counterproductive. Give them freedom.

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