Self-Hypnosis Tips to Improve Memory

The human memory storage and retrieval function is far more complex than the most modern supercomputers.

Generally, it is believed that there are three storage containers where a particular piece of information can be stored: Sensory memory, short-term memory and long-term memory.

Even the slightest bits of experiences, such as the face of a stranger as you walk past a store, are processed and stored somewhere in the mind.

This finding is what makes hypnosis so relevant to the memory landscape. Since hypnosis has access to the subconscious mind, it can help you improve your memory.

Here are some ways you can use self-hypnosis to enhance the memory function:

Relax Yourself

The first step to induce a state of hypnosis is to get relaxed. Find yourself a calm and quiet place in the house.

After this, sit down in a comfortable chair and take deep breaths. Focus your concentration as you slowly breathe in and out.

Give Positive Affirmations to Yourself

Self-suggestion or giving you positive affirmations comes in very handy when remembering stuff.

Some of these statements include, I have the ability to remember this information effectively, I have understood it perfectly well, I am good at learning stuff, and so on.

Believe in Your Abilities

Whether you are studying for your final exams or you want to memorize your farewell speech, having self-belief is very important. You have got to keep a positive mindset to meet your learning goals.

Rehearse the Learning Material

For effective recalling, you need to remember the material quite well. This is where effective rehearsal is so important.

With a sharpened focus, memorize the content with thorough rehearsal. You can also use some imagination techniques for better memorization.

Recall Positive Memories

Another technique that might help in making self-hypnosis more effective is recalling positive past memories.

Doing this brings you in a happy state of mind. With the piece of information being associated with a happy state, its chances of recall become quite enhanced.

What’s more, it makes the material to be learnt more digestible.

End the Self-Hypnosis Session

Finally, you can finish your self-hypnosis session. There are many ways you can do that. The most common one is to count backwards from 5 to 1.

It is recommended that you go through the material again in a conscious state. Doing this will improve chances of recall.

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  1. I can relate to what you said here about relaxing yourself first before anything. Just like you said, sit down somewhere comfortable and take some deep breaths. A really good friend of mine is a trained hypnosis and he would always hypnotize us during our class period when we were not doing anything in college — it was always super relaxing and enjoyable. Thanks again!

    October 13, 2017

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