Quick Stress Relief Tips

Whether you are stuck in traffic or are in a disagreement with your significant other, you must have hoped to have that energy of calming down at stressful times. Not only does stress hamper your ability to perform better, it also takes a massive toll on your body.

For effective functioning, it is very important that you find ways to deal with stress better. We at Blossom Hypnosis have outlined some quick stress relief tips. Read on:

Learn to Listen to Your Body

When dealing with stress, it is very important that you understand its signs and symptoms. Your body’s reactions can prove to be a good source. For instance, shallow breathing and tense muscles are sure signs of stress. It is only when you identify the stress response of your body that you can start taking appropriate actions.

Practice Meditation

According to WebMD, a few minutes of meditation each day can help reduce stress. Moreover, the ancient technique has been found to change neural pathways in the brain, making people more resilient to stress.

The process is pretty simple. Sit straight, close your eyes and focus your attention on a particular mantra. As you repeatedly recite it, let all the distracting thoughts float by.

Deep Breathe

As soon as you find yourself in a stressful situation, it is a good idea to stop, relax and breathe. Slowly start inhaling through your nose, feeling it in your abdomen and up to the head. Exhale through your mouth by applying the same strategy in reverse.

Deep breathing has been found to slow down heart rate and lower blood pressure levels.

Laugh Out Load

Another quick strategy for warding off stress can be laughing out loud. According to WebMD, it lowers cortisol levels (that lead to stress) and enhances endorphins (that make you happy). So, when stress seems to get the better of you, do something that will make you laugh.

Go Out for a Walk

Walking allows you to get out in the open air and feel the outside environment. Not only does it have extraordinary health benefits, it also allows you to get your mind off of things. This means you will reenter the stressful situation with a renewed energy.


When in stress, writing can help put things into perspective. Not only does it provide cathartic relief, it also helps you devise ways to better deal with the situation.

Having a Master’s Degree in Psychological Development from the University of Rochester, Rekha Shrivastava is a certified hypnotist and rehabilitation counselor. From treating anxiety to providing stress management, the therapist offers a range of solutions to psychological ailments. Visit her website to schedule an appointment.





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