What to Do When the Honeymoon Phase Is Over?

Hormones are reaching new peaks on both sides. From that uneven nose to the clumsy glasses, everything seems to be absolutely perfect. You do not know why you are smiling, even when your partner is not around. There’s this sense of inexplicable ecstasy – a feeling of completion that you had never felt before. In short, it seems like the world has been reduced to just the two of you. Yes, this is the honeymoon phase of a relationship!

However, as time goes by, you might notice that you are being transported to reality. After the honeymoon phase is over, things will not be as spicy and intense as they used to be.

Relationships are complex. Every successful relationship requires work from both partners. Here are a few things you can do to keep that connection alive:

Do Not Pretend Everything Is Rosy All The Time

When the honeymoon phase is over, rest assured that you will both know it. Denying the fact will not get you anywhere.

A better approach would be to admit it and talk about it. This will be a great chance to reevaluate your relationship and transition smoothly into the next, more mature phase. From that restaurant you find exceedingly fancy to his annoying habit of talking in the middle of a TV show, you can be open about stuff.

Share More about Your Lives

Now that the passion phase is more controlled, you can get to know more about each others’ lives. From childhood fears to unfulfilled dreams, you both can share a lot of stuff with each other. At the end of the day, it is lifelong friendship that will keep the bond alive.

Plan Something Together

From watching football to skydiving, you will surely have a lot of common interests and passions. When you feel that things between you and your partner are getting less exciting, plan something together. This will help in strengthening the bond and reigniting the relationship.

Compromise Will be the Key

As your relationship progresses, you will realize that conflicts are inevitable. You eventually understand that you are actually two people with quite a few differences.

However, the success of your relationship will depend on how much you are willing to compromise.

From considering the other partner’s needs to getting rid of some of your own annoying habits, you might have to make quite a few adjustments.

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