Tackling the Weight Loss Issue

Once you start gaining weight, shedding those extra pounds can be quite difficult and at times, frustrating.

For some people, the cycle goes like this: they start dieting, lose a bit of weight, overeat, feel guilty, start dieting again and so on.

This vicious cycle can prove to be quite psychologically disturbing.

Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Different people have different reasons for not being able to lose weight. Here are some reasons:

You Eat for Comfort

Life in the modern world is pretty stressful. As the burden of daily responsibilities increases, you might resort to eating.

Whether it is after a long day of work or after a disturbing encounter with your ex, if you eat to make yourself feel better, you are a comfort eater.

It is difficult to lose weight for a comfort eater. This is because he/she has adopted eating as a coping mechanism. Difficulties in dealing with emotions will lead to increased eating and hence, weight gain.

You Engage in Mindless Eating

This is another bad eating practice. Mindless eating means eating without thinking about it. From the extra cookies you have every time you head to the office kitchen to the odd snacks you pick up on your commute to work, the extra things you include in your diet (unknowingly) can prove to be really problematic.

You Have a Ban on Certain Foods

Putting a ban on food items makes them all the more enticing. You might be able to show self-control and avoid them, but then you are more likely to binge whenever you get a chance.

On the other hand, a better approach would be to get yourself a treat every now and then. This way, you won’t feel the temptation.

You Do Not Exercise

Exercising is a major part of weight loss. From feeling lack of energy to procrastination, there are quite a few mental blocks that prevent you from exercising.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for weight loss has found increasing popularity. People are applying effective hypnosis procedures to bring about long-term change.

Through techniques such as visualization, relaxation and imagination, a hypnotherapist can train the patient’s subconscious mind to learn to make better decisions.

Whether it is healthy eating or exercising, hypnosis can help empower the person and allow him/her to make productive lifestyle choices.

Rekha Shrivastava, a certified hypnotist and rehabilitation counselor, offers hypnosis services for weight loss. Over the years, her effective weight loss programs have helped clients in Rochester lose weight. She also provides Skype sessions for people outside of Rochester. Contact her to learn more.




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